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Learn Blockchain Technology From Professionals

  • Illegal poaching, how can blockchain help?
    With so many use case coming up for a lot more scenarios, this article endeavours to speculate how blockchain can be used in the near future to help fight poaching and natural resource depletion especially in African countries that seem to be at the receiving end of these illegal activities.
  • How blockchain can help Africa reduce natural resource depletion
    So far, much has been written about blockchain use cases that were never thought about, but have become a reality. Can blockchain be used in Africa to reduce century-old challenges related to its abundant natural resources other than diamonds, emeralds, and other precious minerals?
  • Can hyperledger surpass bitcoins?
    Launched in 2017 by the Linux foundation, hyper ledger has been gaining momentum, perhaps more that bitcoin blockchain. What is it that could be making hyperledger more appealing than its predecessor?
  • High profile dapps on Ethereum. Are they for you? (Part 2)
    In this article, we will consider another high profile Dapp known as Digix. Digix, unlike Augur, tokenizes Gold on the ethereum network. How did this initiative develop, and how may you get involved?
  • High profile dapps on ethereum. Are they for you?
    This article will look at one high profile applications on Ethereum, namely; Augur, excluding Digix and Maker. These are decentralized applications, otherwise known as Dapps on the blockchain.
  • Hyper ledge, a unique permissioned ledger.
    As an open source hosted by the Linux foundation, hyperledger cuts across many industries. Unlike bitcoins, it is actually more enterprise focused than any other similar platform. Nevertheless, just how unique is hyperledger?
  • How Blockchain Surpass SWIFT Code in Providing International Transaction
    When we talk about international money transfer, there a new technology to do it with better security, cheaper cost, and easy tracking, something called Blockchain. There is 3 factor that enables blockchain technology to do better than bank institution in money transfer across the country.
  • Suitable business models to leverage blockchain
    When the internet became widely adopted, it was clear that many companies were going to adopt it. Today, almost all companies, learning institutions and government agencies have adopted the internet and benefit from its services. Can the same be said of blockchain?
  • How Blockchain Technology Help Handicraft Market
    The creative industry becomes a significant part of this millennium economy. In the creative industry, blockchain plays a role in creating efficient material and product distribution.
  • Possible effects of blockchain on world business enterprises.
    With Blockchain gaining more and more momentum and adaptations across different platform, it appears the technology is just heating up and is yet to reach its climax in ita transformative wave across businesses. This article endeavours to speculate on the possible effects Blockchain will have on businesses in general.
  • Flaws of Blockchain
    When we look at present currency and how it is being manage, the introduction of bitcoin and other currencies will just alter that chain of the normal currency and it is going to be more difficult to price goods or allocated goods with prices.
  • What Blockchain Technology Can Do For Developing Country
    Southeast Asia, a place for 647.74 million inhabitants, has become a big market for many countries. Blockchain technology becomes one of the best choices to provide a secure transaction. Developing blockchain tech becomes a primary concern for many countries in Southeast Asia.

Enjoy World Cuisine from Local People

  • Myanmar – Hto-hpu Nwe
    Myanmar, one of the countries in Southeast Asia, has become a tourist destination for a long time. Attracting with its beautiful view, Myanmar is also known as a thousand pagoda country. Hto-hpu Nwe has a texture similar to porridge, smooth, sweet, and warm will. According to the local language, Hto-hpu Nwe means warm tofu even its not contain any tofu yet.
  • Malaysia – Pongteh Chicken
    Malaka, a port city on the West coast of Malaysia, has become a trade route since many years ago. There are two versions of Pongteh chicken, one with blackened color using palm sugar usually cooked by Malaka people. The other one is slightly white comes from the Penang region.
  • Indonesia – Semar Mendem
    Yogyakarta province in Indonesia is an iconic city with all its philosophy and artistic handicraft. When visiting Yogyakarta, tourists will have treated with various kinds of food. Semar Mendem’s name comes from Semar, the legendary character of the puppetry story.
  • Vietnam – Goi Cuon
    Vietnam is number 13th for the most populous country in the world and located in the easternmost of the Indochinese peninsula. Goi Cuon is a fresh spring roll type, where they do not cook the dish and serve it fresh. Every region has its style Goi Cuon.
  • Cameroon – Roasted Chicken With Unripped Plantains
    Chicken is the most eaten of all the different types of meat that exist on earth, just like beef that is globally eaten with no particular exception. Cameroon roasted chicken with uripped plantains is a local cuisine that tells you the history of an emancipated locality.
  • Mbo, Cameroon – Cooking Ekusi Pudi
    Ekusi pudi is a meal having its origin from the Mbo. It is a meal that portrays the history of the Mbo as there are groups of Mbo, the Mbo from the littoral and the Mbo from the Southwest. The Mbo from the SouthWest are the ones having ekusi pudi as a traditional meanl.
  • Cameroon – Mets de Viande
    Have you ever eaten raw cocoa in its first state. If it is not yet the case, you have the possibility of doing with Mets de viande. Mets de viande is a traditional meal eaten due to its taste like cocoa in its raw state, that is in its first state. Coocoa is highly cultivated in this part of the country.
  • Cameroon – Pizza
    Have you an oven, or a gas cooker with an oven, then I think you can make your own home base Pizza. There are many Pizza joins around the world. In my country alone, I can’t count, talk less of the western world.
  • Ethiopia – Doro Wat
    Are you craving to eat something spicy? I got you covered with some wonderful African cuisine that will blow of your taste of food to 100%. Today you will read and learn how a spicy Ethiopian stew is prepared. It Is called Doro Wat. This is one of the most valued sauce In Ethiopia.
  • South Africa – Bobotie
    This is another African delicacy which originates mainly from South Africa. This cuisine is processed and baked. It is delicious and has a wonderful aroma.
  • Pakistan – Paratha Malai Boti Roll
    A paratha is something like a fried flatbread that is originated in Indian Subcontinent in 1500 A.D. The word ‘paratha’ comes from word ‘parat’ which meand cooked layers of flour dough. Paratha is one of the most famous breakfast in Pakistan and India.
  • Pakistan – Traditional Reshmi Kebab (Beef Spicy Rolls) With Rogni Naan
    Kebab is a meat patty cook on grilling pan. Reshmi kebab is one of the famous and delicious dish in Pakistan. This is very famous Karachi. This dish has a smokey spicy flavor and the texture is very moist this not need any sauce (chutney) because of it’s texture.