Kenya – Red Ugali (Stiff Porridge)

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by Mabimbi Don

Kenya is a country found in east Africa with Kurya tribe dominating most of country places.

Kenyan people do like Ugali, a stiff porridge. In Kenya if one prepare a ceremony without Ugali, they count it as a wastage of time, that is to mean Ugali is the best loved and respected meal in the country.

Today we will prepare red Ugali from millet flour, let us prepare it.

Things to prepare

  • 1kg of millet flour.
  • ½kg of cassava flour.

Cooking methods

  • Boil water until ready.
  • Add millet flour and cassava flour and wait for eruption of flour like lava mount eruption.
  • Start stir and mixing the flour with water.
  • Don’t pause until all has mixed well, it takes almost 10-15 minutes for the red Ugali to be ready.
  • Serve to the family with any vegetables or meats roast, enjoy the taste.
Red Ugali and Kisamvu (Cassava leaves)
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