• How blockchain will surpass certified labels
    Millions of individuals have suffered allergic reaction after consuming products bought from some chain stores. How will the adoption and implementation of blockchain helps?
  • Existing relation between the blockchain technology and the real estate
    Now, everything takes place between the buyer and seller in all security as functions that were being done by banks and lawyers like payments, listing and legal documentation is now being done by platforms using as technology, the blockchain.
  • How smart contracts enhanced blockchain autonomy
    Autonomy in blockchain has always been its focus. When the etherium blockchain introduced the use of smart contracts, it became apparent that autonomy on the blockchain was poised for a wider spectrum. How so?
  • Proof of work, a “weak” but desired protocol
    The proof of work protocol has been in use for some time and notably for good reasons. Despite its deficiencies in terms of delayed transaction processing speeds, proof of work is considered a deliberate design meant to win the trust of network users. How so?
  • Crypto – Colonialism!
    A cryptocurrency trader by the name of Puerto Rico has moved to Puerto Rico to create a cryptocurrency utopia called Sol. There are some plans to pay taxes there. However, it is not entirely clear when the US (some or less) regions will change.
  • Proof of work and desire for decentralization
    Although proof of work protocol had served the blockchain community faithfully since its inception with bitcoin, its inability to scale and its support for centralization were some of the identified weaknesses. How is the proof of work protocol perceived as supporting centralization?